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About Bison Express

Bison Express is chartered by the Howard University Board of Trustees to promote and facilitate funding for intercollegiate athletics at the University. Athletics on campuses throughout the nation provide an outlet for students, parents, alumni, and friends to engage in a common goal of developing "strong minds in strong bodies." Winning championships and competing at the highest levels bring enthusiasm and pride to the University and to Bison Nation. As HU is recognized for continuous academic achievement, similarly, athletics is about excellence! Many of our past, current and future leaders gain advantages in the workplace due to the confidence building, goal preparation, teamwork, and ability to work under pressure as athletes.

Help support our athletes as they strive for success on and off the playing field and courts.


View the Bison Express Bylaws (PDF). FYI--The BX Bylaws are being updated with submittal to University administrators for review.


Bison Express Officers

Bruce Williams, Chair

Thomas Payne, Vice Chair
Chris Bullock, Treasurer
Erica Kennedy, Secretary

Board of Directors of Bison Express

Mr. Chris Bullock
Dr. Paul Cotton
Mr. Hayward Corley
Mr. Warren Craddock
Ms. Enid Cruise
Ms. Erica Kennedy
Mr. Johnny Mercer, J.D.
Ms. Stephanie Johnson Moore

Ms. Umarah Mughnee
Mr. Thomas Payne

Ms. Cathy Robinson
Mr. Bruce Williams

Ms. Donna Wood


Your contributions and assistance have made possible these recent activities:

* Funded the HU Athletic Hall of Fame 2014 induction for over 200 individuals and teams; and currently planning 2016 induction program

*  Provided funds to athletic department for womens' and mens' "Bison Madness" basketball tipoff

* Provided funds for study hall for athletes

* Established partnership for Howard University with Mounumental Sports and Entertainment (Wizards/Capitals/Mystics) including five internships for HU students 

* Facilitated an agreement with Under Armour for several of the HU sports teams

* Convened Bison Express Homecoming Kickoffs and Receptions

* Purchased new uniforms for HU cheerleaders

* Purchased game management software for volleyball team

* Provided funds to athletic department for trophies, rings, and awards for championship teams 

* Established the "Fifth Quarter" at a local business for continuation of festivities after home football games

* Provided funds for student stipends and equipment for the streaming of home football games and selected women and men basketball games

* Partnered with Fanatics to sell online apparel via the Bison Express website

* Sponsored the Bison Express 2nd Annual Golf Outing

* Provided funds for equipment, materials, and supplies for the state-of-the art weight room


Funds contributed by you the prior year, 2012-13, have included:

*Supported locker-room design in Burr Gym for men and women basketball teams; and

*New uniforms for swim team.

We also:

-Arranged BX meet and greet at the 2012 MEAC basketball tournament in Winston-Salem, NC;

-Hosted last summer’s President Reception with Dr. Sidney Ribeau and  held a fundraiser which launched the membership season;

-Established BX 2011 homecoming brunch for members;

-In 2011, developed a Bison Express line of apparel that can be purchased online and at the HU Bookstore; and

-Launched website as a means of communication for all of us who are interested in supporting HU student-athletes.

Division of Development & Alumni Relations
Howard University
2225 Georgia Avenue NW, Room 901
Washington, DC 20059