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Mike London to Lead HU Football

Mike London has decided to accept the toughest work assignment of his life. He is coming to a fine institution that has not had anyone else like him in Athletics. He had significant experience at schools with great facilities, a loyal and sustaining fan base, excellent customer service, and, seemingly, inexhaustible resources.  How will he fare at our beloved Alma Mater? 

  • Will his staff be a great fit for athletes and develop their athletic talents?
  • Can he recruit those next level players one needs to be successful in and out of the classroom?
  • Lord knows that at (many) times "It Is Hard To Be A Bison" so what is going to frustrate Coach London when encountering the Howard way?
  • How can we help Coach London and his staff to achieve levels of success we all want?

This is an exciting time and we welcome Coach London and wish him well. Are we committed to assisting him with funds and materials for the success of our scholar-athletes? 

We know what it takes to win and alumni/community support is essential to winning games and championships. Let's do it.



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Howard University
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