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We have a glitch in our donation link on this website. Please use for donations to Bison Express and Athletic Programs of your choice. We appreciate your continued support and thank you for supporting HU Athletics! 


How is my Bison Express membership used?

All contributions to Bison Express go to your designated sport or to an unrestricted fund that HU Athletics uses to offset the expense of athletic scholarships the university currently offers. In addition to scholarship support, Bison Express helps to sustain and improve athletic facilities and seeks to financially support the needs of coaches and student-athletes as they perform in a highly competitive intercollegiate arena. Your membership fee, for example, is used to pay for the costs associated with the Hall of Fame inductions (food, space, awards, programs, video, etc.) Your donation to teams/band/cheerleaders/BX general funds goes directly to that grouping.

Is my contribution to Bison Express tax deductible?

Yes, the Internal Revenue Service allows a deduction on contributions if there is no tangible or intangible benefit to the donor. However, if you accept benefits in exchange for your contribution, your deduction may be limited. You may wish to contact a financial specialist to determine deductibility of your contribution.

What is the membership term for Bison Express?

The membership is for 365 days from your payment date. You will be prompted to renew via email, letter, or social media as your year is concluding.

Who can join Bison Express?

Anyone can make a contribution to Bison Express. The minimum amount to secure membership in Bison Express is $100. All memberships must be renewed annually. The expectation is that you become a member of Bison Express for $100 then donate to a team/band/cheerleader/or BX general fund.

Are there Bison Express meetings during the year?

The Board of Directors shall have at least two (2) regular membership meetings each fiscal year, to be held no less frequently than in the fall and spring of each fiscal year.

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