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Founded by advocates in the Howard University College of Medicine community, the HUCM Community Alimentary Relief Services (HUCM CAReS) provides confidential food assistance in the form of gift cards to our medical students who struggle with food insecurity due to the burdens of tuition, living expenses, and student debt. We are committed to ensuring that our students do not have to forgo eating in the midst of rising living costs and financial challenges while striving to complete their studies.

Student Testimonials

“My limited resources were adding significant stress and worry to my days and unfortunately detracting from my ability to focus on my studies. Because of HUCM CAReS, I can now study without worrying about how I will buy nutritious food. It has helped lift a tremendous weight off my shoulders, and I want to say thank you from the very bottom of my heart. I indeed feel the care.”

“Medical school is a journey with many ups and downs. After one of the downs, returning from a medical leave of absence, HUCM CAReS was a rock for me since I couldn’t get financial aid nor did I have any housing. Yet, I still had to show up to rotations. During times when food and shelter were daily rolls of the dice, the food pantry helped keep me full. I could never thank the program managers enough for creating this initiative.” 

“There was a time when even the costs of taking the metro to school was a financial burden. I am so thankful for HUCM CAReS, as I was able to keep focused on school work!”


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